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Investors Are Putting Their Money Into Multifamily Housing By Greg McKinney Mineola TX

  Hello, I'm Greg McKinney a long time real estate investor from Mineola Texas. This ever changing real estate market we are currently living in is fascinating to watch. One area growing rapidly is multifamily housing. Many investors are discovering the benefits of investing in  multifamily housing.  They have also discovered there is a huge increasing demand for these types of residences. Younger people are renting longer before purchasing their first home and older adults are moving into smaller spaces. These are to two main contributing factors to the increase in  demand for multifamily housing . This type of housing has traditionally always done well no matter what the economy is doing. As I previously mentioned, the demand for this type of housing is driven by 2 main sectors. The younger generation is renting for longer periods than ever before. Many think the primary reason is student load debt. Their student loan debt is pulling down the actual amount they can borrow for

Which Home Improvements Add The Most Value To Your Home by Greg McKinney Mineola Texas

Hello,  I’m Greg McKinney from Mineola TX and we have remodeled dozens of homes here in East Texas over the past 30 years. Whether you are working on your personal home or investment property, one thing I have learned over the years is to always spend your money where you will receive the highest return on your investment. Think through each project you are doing thoroughly. If you’re thinking about updating or remodeling your home it’s a good idea to invest your money in the areas of your home where you will get the best return for your money. You want to add as much value to your home as possible while spending the least amount possible. Here is a list of the main projects I would recommend. We will dive deeper into each in this article. Paint Adding Faux Stone Updating the Kitchen New Siding The top thing you can do to update your home is a fresh coat of paint inside and out. It is amazing how drastic paint can change the appearance of a home. It can get costly to hire this done but

Leaseback Agreements Are More Popular Than Ever by Greg McKinney Mineola Texas

With the vast majority of homes across the United States going under contract within the first month it’s creating another new problem we haven’t seen before in this red hot real estate market. With very few homes available to purchase sellers are having difficulty finding another home to purchase after the home they are selling goes under contract. Many are not accepting offers on their homes until they find another home to purchase. Some are writing up the contracts to allow the sellers to lease the homes for several months after the sell to give them time to find a new home. In some cases these sellers are paying extremely high monthly rent just to stay in the home they just sold. Scheduling the purchase of your new home with the same time you sell your old home has become almost impossible. We are even see the sellers lease the home they just sold for as long as 6 month to give themselves as much time as possible to find a new home. Many sellers are refusing to accept contingency

Is A Crash Coming In The Mortgage Markets? Let's See What Historical Trends Say by Greg McKinney Mineola Texas

The American mortgage market has a long history of ups and down. As the economy rises and falls so does the mortgage market. Mortgages have enabled millions of Americans to live the American dream of owning a home but mortgages have also caused the ease of getting a mortgage to have that dream turn into a nightmare when everything does not go as planned. As economies rise and fall through good times, recessions and depressions it can really take a financial toll on families especially those who have borrowed more money than they should have to purchase a home. It’s amazing to look back at home much the mortgage industry has evolved over time. Mortgages started way back in ancient civilization. Most historians believe before written documents were prepared, people would make a verbal agreement to pay for a piece of land over time to the sellers. Some of the earliest records of mortgages are from Rome and India. The Romans kept actual ownership of the property with the lender/owner unt